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See 2019 Workshop Schedule as (pdf)
2019 Hourly Schedule See Below

Hourly Schedule
7:30pm: Friday Demo (Main Ballroom)

8:30pm: Welcome Teach:  Derek Steele - 

8pm-2am: Welcome Dance (Main Ballroom) With JP Potter


8:30am: Rona Kaye - Morning Stretch (Jefferson/Maple/Orchard)

9am: (Friday)

  • St. Clair/Concord: Rosie Multari  If I Can't Have You/ Hold On To…
  • Monterey:  Jamie Marshall 5+ in 50
  • Adams/HarborR. L. I Warned Myself
  • Jefferson/Maple/Orchard: Joey Warren Take A Look At This

10am: (Friday)

  • St. Clair/Concord: Rona Kaye Cherry On Top (Bailey, Richard, Rushton)
  • Monterey:  Lynne Martino Bonaparte's Retreat (Glover)/ VHS (w/Holley)
  • Adams/Harbor: Michael Diven  Drinkin' Again/ Dynamite
  • Jefferson/Maple/Orchard:  G. O   Hey Now!

11am: (Friday)

  • St. Clair/Concord: Melissa Culbertson, WCS from the Beginning
  • Monterey:   Jill Weiss Swango/ A Bit O' Mambo (Arroyo)
  • Adams/Harbor:   Jill Babinec Soul Shake (Whitehouse)
  • Jefferson/Maple/Orchard:  John Robinson Can't Escape Me (w/Steele)

 12pm - Noon: (Friday): Lunch Break Box Lunches Served in Jefferson/Maple/Orchard

 1pm: (Friday)

  • St. Clair/Concord: Melissa Culbertson, WCS Building on the Basics
  • Monterey:  W. B. MD Honky Tonk/ When You Smile (Vane & Verdonk)
  • Adams/Harbor:  Cody Flowers M.I.B. (Kellerman)
  • Jefferson/Maple/Orchard:  Jamie Marshall Leave The Night Burning

2pm:  (Friday)

  • St. Clair/Concord:  Bob Bahrs 2-Step Basics 
  • Monterey:  Kerry Maus Foolish With You/ Little Sucker (w/Liberman)
  • Adams/Harbor:  Lynne Martino 3 to Tango (Vane, Verdonk, Sarlemijn)
  • Jefferson/Maple/Orchard:   G. O. Everything I Have (w/Gallagher)

3pm:  (Friday)

  • St. Clair/Concord:  Tina Foster Dancing With A Stranger (Johnny 2-Step)/ Shot of Tequila (Whitehouse)
  • Monterey:   Rona Kaye Get Up, Get Up, Get Busy (Furnell/Godden)/ Senorita La-La-La (Wetzel)
  • Adams/Harbor:  Jill Babinec L.I.L.Y (Like I Love You) (Bailey)
  • Jefferson/Maple/Orchard: W. B. Better World

4pm:  (Friday)

  • St. Clair/Concord:  Debi Pancoast Finesse On the Floor (technique)
  • Monterey:  Joey Warren  Train Swing (Poulsen)
  • Adams/Harbor:  John Robinson  Slow Burn (w/Hunyadi)
  • Jefferson/Maple/Orchard:  R. L.   Work Done (w/Vane & Liberman)

5pm:  (on Friday) - Saturday/Sunday Demos  (Main Ballroom)

6-8pm: Dinner Break (on your own)


  • St. Clair/Monterey:  Beginner/Improver Dance Room w/ DJ Michael Diven
  • Adams/Harbor/Jefferson/Maple/Orchard:  Dance Party w/ JP Potter


8:30am:    Jamie Marshall, Zumba (Jefferson/Maple/Orchard)

9am: (Saturday)

  • St. Clair/Concord:  Debi Pancoast Yeah! (Barr)
  • Monterey:  Jill Weiss Me Gusta I Love It/ Playboys (Winson)
  • Adams/Harbor: Tina Foster California (Vane & Whittaker)
  • Jefferson/Maple/Orchard:  Joey Warren Ocean's Deep


  • St. Clair/Concord:  Melissa Culbertson, WCS Fun Moves
  • Monterey:  Rosie Multari Raining In My Heart/ Love You For It 
  • Adams/Harbor:  Jill Babinec Moves (Ward & McKeever) 
  • Jefferson/Maple/Orchard:  W. B. Rolling With Love (Ward & Barton)

11am: (Saturday)

  • St. Clair/Concord:  Melissa Culbertson, WCS: Putting It All Together
  • Monterey:  John Robinson Smoke In Her Eyes/Never Be Sorry
  • Adams/Harbor: Debi Pancoast Unforgettable (Bailey) 
  • Jefferson/Maple/Orchard:  G. O. My Heart Is Gone

 12pm - Noon: (Saturday): Lunch Break Box Lunches Served in Jefferson/Maple/Orchard 

1pm:  (Saturday)

  • St. Clair/Concord: Bob Bahrs 2-Step: Building on the Basics 
  • Monterey:  Tina Foster So Satisfied (Ehmann)/Intoxicating (Holley) Country Bump (Bailey)
  • Adams/Harbor:  Cody Flowers Puddle of Love 
  • Jefferson/Maple/Orchard:   Derek Steele Double Scoop (w/Babinec, Multari, Pancoast)

2pm: (Saturday)

  • St. Clair/Concord:  Kerry Maus Fall So Fast (w/Szymanski)
  • Monterey:  G. O. Adalaida
  • Adams/Harbor:  Jamie Marshall Hillbilly Shake/ Rock It (Wetzel) 
  • Jefferson/Maple/Orchard:  Joey Warren Party In The Hills (w/Whitehouse & McKeever)

3pm: (Saturday)

  • St. Clair/Concord:  Rosie Multari Boyfriend (Synsyn)/ Stack It Up (Dawson) 
  • Monterey:  R. L.  It's Only Human
  • Adams/Harbor:  John Robinson Oops! I Variated (technique) 
  • Jefferson/Maple/Orchard:  Rona Kaye Limelight (Whitehouse)

4pm: (Saturday)

  • St. Clair/Concord:  Lynne Martino Simply Soul Shake (Styles)/ Messing Around 
  • Monterey:  Cody Flowers Knockin' Boots 

6pm: Buffet Dinner (if Purchased, Must have tickets)

 8pm-2am: (Saturday)

  • St. Clair/Concord - Monterey:  Beginner/Improver Dance Room w/ DJ Michael Diven following show
  • Adams/Harbor - Jefferson/Maple/Orchard:  Show 8:00pm -- Out of this world
    Dance Party w/ JP Potter, following show. Prizes for best costumes.


9am: (Sunday)

  • St. Clair/Concord:  Jill Weiss Tonight Is Real (Gallagher) 
  • Monterey:   Rosie Multari Love You For It/ Raining In My Heart 2nd Chance Teaches
  • Adams/Harbor:  Rona Kaye About Last Night (Rushton)
  • Jefferson/Maple/Orchard:  John Robinson Can't Escape Me (w/Steele) 2nd Chance Teach


  • St. Clair/Concord:  W. B. Don't Stop Drivin' (w/Coady)
  • Monterey:  Tina Foster So Satisfied (Ehmann)/Intoxicating (Holley) Country Bump (Bailey) 2nd chance teaches
  • Adams/Harbor:   Kerry Maus  Ready...Aim...BANG! (w/Blevins)
  • Jefferson/Maple/Orchard:  G. O. All I Need To Know (w/Gallagher)

11am: (Sunday)

  • St. Clair/Concord:  Jamie Marshall Nothing Without You (Glass)
  • Monterey:  John Robinson Down The Road Apiece (Trace)/ Lovin' California 
  • Adams/Harbor:   Cody Flowers Sounds Good To Me (Smith & Cowger)
  • Jefferson/Maple/Orchard:  Joey Warren Party In The Hills (w/Whitehouse & McKeever) 2nd Chance Teach

 12pm:  (Sunday)

  • St. Clair/Concord:  Debi Pancoast Unforgettable (Bailey) 2nd Chance Teach
  • Monterey:  Lynne Martino  Keep It Simple (Gallagher)/ Messing Around 2nd Chance Teach 
  • Adams/Harbor:   R. L.   Dream It Possible
  • Jefferson/Maple/Orchard:  Jill Babinec Moves (Ward & McKeever) 2nd Chance Teach

Thank You For Coming -- Safe Travels Home --

See You Next Year! October 29th - Nov 1st, 2020