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2018 Hourly Schedule See Below or Click here to see or print 2018 Schedule as a pdf to print

Hourly Schedule


7:30pm: Friday Demo (Main Ballroom) 

8:30pm: Welcome Teach:  Derek Steele - 8:30pm - Welcome Teach - Derek Steele - Is She The One

8pm-2am: Welcome Dance (Main Ballroom) With JP Potter


8:30am: Rona Kaye - Morning Stretch (Jefferson/Maple/Orchard)

9am: (Friday)

  • St. Clair/Concord: Rosie Multari Just Meet Me In the Middle (Snyder)/ Little Darling!
  • Monterey:  Jamie Marshall 5 in 50
  • Adams/HarborR. L. Don't Say You Love Me (w/Richard & Lee)
  • Jefferson/Maple/Orchard: John Robinson Price You Pay (James & Blakeley)

10am: (Friday)

  • St. Clair/Concord: Rona Kaye Dem Dey Go (Hadisubroto & Murray)
  • Monterey: Jill Babinec Groovy Love (Whitehouse, Trepat, Dahlgren)
  • Adams/Harbor: Michael Diven The Champion/ Wonder Woman
  • Jefferson/Maple/Orchard: J D The Look (w/Lodin)

11am: (Friday)

  • St. Clair/Concord: Bob Bahrs 2-Step Basics
  • Monterey: Cody Flowers Summer Sway (w/McEnaney-White & Utz)/ Put It On Me (w/Glover)
  • Adams/Harbor: Lynne Martino Getting Stronger
  • Jefferson/Maple/Orchard:  Joey Warren Whatever It Takes (w/Rushton)

 12pm - Noon: (Friday): Lunch Break Box Lunches Served in Jefferson/Maple/Orchard

 1pm: (Friday)

  • St. Clair/Concord: Melissa Culbertson, WCS from the Beginning
  • Monterey:  W B Dancing All Over The World/ All I See Is You
  • Adams/Harbor:  Derek Steele Make Way (w/Whitehouse & Richard)
  • Jefferson/Maple/Orchard:  Jamie Marshall Celtic Duo (Gallagher & O'Reilly)

2pm:  (Friday)

  • St. Clair/Concord:  Melissa Culbertson, WCS Building on the Basics
  • Monterey:  Lynne Martino 3D (Dance Disco Dance) (Trace)/ Little Charleston (Trace)
  • Adams/Harbor: Kayla Cosgrove Second Time Around (Whitehouse & Bailey)
  • Jefferson/Maple/Orchard:  J D Hooked on a Feeling (w/Musk, Kinser, Sala)

3pm:  (Friday)

  • St. Clair/Concord:  Tina Foster Watch The Tempo (Warren, Richard, Whitehouse, McKeever, Ridyard)
  • Monterey:  Rona Kaye I Close My Eyes (Pace)
  • Adams/Harbor:  Jill Babinec Diggin' (Glass)
  • Jefferson/Maple/Orchard: Dustin Betts Schemes and Plans (w/Andersen)

4pm:  (Friday)

  • St. Clair/Concord:  Debi Pancoast Cry For Freedom (Snooke)
  • Monterey:  Joey Warren Joey On The Fiddle (Coady)
  • Adams/Harbor:  John Robinson Play That Sax (Metzger)
  • Jefferson/Maple/Orchard:  R. L. Echoes Love (w/Vos)

5pm:  (on Friday) - Saturday/Sunday Demos  (Main Ballroom)


  • St. Clair/Monterey:  Beginner/Improver Dance Room w/ DJ Michael Diven
  • Adams/Harbor/Jefferson/Maple/Orchard:  Dance Party w/ JP Potter


8:30am:    Jamie Marshall, Zumba (Jefferson/Maple/Orchard)

9am: (Saturday)

  • St. Clair/Concord:  Tina Foster The Good Parts (Glass)
  • Monterey:  Debi Pancoast Mojo Rhythm (Fowler)
  • Adams/Harbor: Dustin Betts Undone
  • Jefferson/Maple/Orchard:  Joey Warren Change Your Mind (w/Rushton)


  • St. Clair/Concord:  Melissa Culbertson, WCS Fun Moves
  • Monterey:  Rosie Multari EZ Taps, I Promise/ Life Is Good (w/Steele)
  • Adams/Harbor:  Jill Babinec 24 Reasons (w/Pancoast)
  • Jefferson/Maple/Orchard:  W B Imperfectly Perfect

11am: (Saturday)

  • St. Clair/Concord:  Melissa Culbertson, WCS: Putting It All Together
  • Monterey:  John Robinson Legends (Risley) 
  • Adams/Harbor: Cody Flowers Yes You Won't (McWherter & Barnes) 
  • Jefferson/Maple/Orchard:  J D Girls Will Be Girls (w/Maus)

 12pm - Noon: (Saturday): Lunch Break Box Lunches Served in Jefferson/Maple/Orchard 

1pm:  (Saturday)

  • St. Clair/Concord: Bob Bahrs 2-Step: Building on the Basics 
  • Monterey:  Tina Foster Gently Does It (Argyle)/ Back on Texas Time (Dawson) 
  • Adams/Harbor:  Debi Pancoast Finesse On the Floor (technique) 
  • Jefferson/Maple/Orchard:   Derek Steele Music To My Eyes (w/Ward)

2pm: (Saturday)

  • St. Clair/Concord:  Kerry Maus 85 (w/McEnaney-White) 
  • Monterey:  J D Hey Rosalie/ I'm Going Back (w/Kinser, Hoeben, Holtland) 
  • Adams/Harbor:  Jamie Marshall A Double Whiskey (O'Reilly) 
  • Jefferson/Maple/Orchard:  Joey Warren Spinning Rooms (w/Rushton)

3pm: (Saturday)

  • St. Clair/Concord:  Rosie Multari My Rules (Glass)
  • Monterey:  R. L. Lost In Japan 
  • Adams/Harbor:  Rona Kaye TAPS (Bailey) 
  • Jefferson/Maple/Orchard:  John Robinson Summer Heat

4pm: (Saturday)

  • St. Clair/Concord:  Lynne Martino Surfing in a Hurricane (Bass)/ Get Your Love 
  • Monterey:  Kayla Cosgrove Lie To Me (Just a Little) (Weiss)

6pm: Buffet Dinner (if Purchased, Must have tickets)

 8pm-2am: (Saturday)

  • St. Clair/Concord - Monterey:  Beginner/Improver Dance Room w/ DJ Michael Diven following show
  • Adams/Harbor - Jefferson/Maple/Orchard:  Show 8:00pm -- The Stone Age 
    Dance Party w/ JP Potter, following show. Prizes for best cosutmes.


9am: (Sunday)

  • St. Clair/Concord:  Kayla Cosgrove Put The Gun Down (Mather) 
  • Monterey:   Rosie Multari One 4 LDF/ Life Is Good 2nd Chance Teach 
  • Adams/Harbor:  Rona Kaye Mates of Soul (Richard, Poulsen, O'Reilly) 
  • Jefferson/Maple/Orchard:  John Robinson Price You Pay (James & Blakeley) 2nd Chance Teach


  • St. Clair/Concord:  W B Feel Like This 
  • Monterey:  Tina Foster Damn!!!!! (Fowler)/ Smooth Like The Summer (Card) 
  • Adams/Harbor:   Kerry Maus Boy 
  • Jefferson/Maple/Orchard:  J D Consequences (w/Snooke, Kinser, Richard)

11am: (Sunday)

  • St. Clair/Concord:  Debi Pancoast Cry For Freedom (Snooke) 2nd Chance Teach 
  • Monterey:  John Robinson Happy Ever After Love 
  • Adams/Harbor:   Cody Flowers Vows 
  • Jefferson/Maple/Orchard:  Jill Babinec Globetrottin' (Trepat, Ward, Whitehouse)

 12pm:  (Sunday)

  • St. Clair/Concord:  Jamie Marshall Don't Step Away/I'm Bulletproof 
  • Monterey:  Lynne Martino Completely AB (Stott)/ Road House Rock (Fowler) 
  • Adams/Harbor:   R. L. Naked (w/Blevins) 
  • Jefferson/Maple/Orchard:  Joey Warren Back in Town (w/Blevins & Szymanski)

Thank You For Coming -- Safe Travels Home --

See You Next Year! October 24th - 27th, 2019